ANNOTATED TEARS Vol. 2 (Soledad Uncensored)


Not only a book of poetry, Annotated Tears Vol, 2: Soledad Uncensored explores the history and current state of racism in Soledad State Prison through the historical lens of the Soledad Brothers.


“Soledad State Prison is an environment that is almost quite literally haunted by ghosts of the past. When I first stepped foot into the corridor of this place, I was immediately reminded of the historical significance of where I was. It hadn’t crossed my mind the entire bus ride here, or even while at the previous institution, where I was notified that I’d be transferring. But almost as soon as I entered the hallway leaving R&R, it hit me. I was in the home of George Jackson.

Fifteen years before I was born, an incident would occur here at Soledad that would completely change the prison system. Racist correctional officers who were at odds with the prison’s black population, began an ‘incremental release’ program extricating black and white inmates onto the newly built exercise yard in the prison’s now infamous O-Wing.”


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